“It turns out that one reason for the low percentage of dollars going to companies with women CEOs and executives is that there are so few women VCs. . .[but] True Wealth’s attraction isn’t just its gender focus. . .Their investments not only return a high ROI, but with an environmental and health focus to the investments, they make a social impact.” – Forbes, 2017

Gender Matters

Start-ups are where change is driven and value is created quickly. Smart money today is investing in women-led start-ups, especially since they typically outperform other companies by a variety of financial metrics. This is a big blind spot, which creates a big opportunity to hand women the reins to drive companies that will successfully bring to life the technologies and products that more effectively, efficiently and responsibly fulfill people’s needs.

Where We Invest

True Wealth Ventures is focused on investing in more women leaders

  • who have proven to financially outperform
  • in high growth markets of sustainable consumer and consumer health
  • where women are making the vast majority of purchase decisions

We know that women are especially interested in making a positive impact, as both entrepreneurs and investors, and are proud to be a Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Certified Fund. Therefore, we exclusively invest in companies that are women-led and are improving environmental and/or human health.

Sustainable Consumer

Consumers – and especially women – demand more sustainably-manufactured and healthier products. This category includes, but is not limited to, solutions like:

  • Sustainably-produced building materials
  • Eco-friendly appliances
  • Smart windows
  • Home IoT for resource efficiency
  • More sustainably-produced home goods (e.g., beauty, care & fashion)
  • Sustainably-produced food and the food systems/ag tech behind it
  • Better CPG packaging

Consumer Health

The focus here is more on “health care vs sick care” and includes most health-related solutions that have consumer or patient involvement in the purchasing or use decision. The explicit exception is any solution requiring heavy FDA approval (e.g., no pharma nor implantable medical devices). This category includes, but is not limited to, solutions like:

  • Health tech
  • Health IoT / wearables / digestibles
  • Quantified-self products and solutions
  • Wellness products and solutions
  • Food-as-medicine


Companies with more women at the leadership helm enjoy significantly better financial results. Women excel in a variety of areas that are important to 21st century leadership skills – areas like cooperation, communication, taking initiative and driving for results. We look for companies with at least one woman:

  • With significant decision-making authority
  • On the founding or senior executive team
  • With significant equity ownership
How We Invest

We like to be the first institutional investors at an early stage (usually Series Seed) with first checks between $250-500K, and we often take a board seat. We generally reserve two-thirds of our investment capital for follow-on investments. We look for companies where the founders see an acquisition exit opportunity within 5 years at a valuation of $100 million or more.

We have also taken the Diversity Pledge and are intentional about building a diverse team and inclusive culture throughout the True Wealth Ventures Fund and portfolio.