Gender Matters

The True Wealth Ventures investment thesis is that women-led companies perform better financially, yet are an untapped market for investors since only 2% of venture dollars go to women-led start-ups and 15% to those with a woman on the leadership team. In addition, since women make 85% of consumer purchase decisions and 80% of healthcare decisions, True Wealth Ventures believes there are additional advantages for companies with women on the management team in designing products for, selling to and servicing these women customers in these markets.

Where We Invest

True Wealth Ventures is focusing on the following large, high-growth, acquisitive markets, where women are the primary customer – and where women are especially interested in making a positive impact through environmental and human health, both in the role of the consumer and in the role of the business owner.


This category includes products and technologies for the home that are more sustainably-produced or use fewer toxic ingredients. This includes, but is not limited to, solutions like sustainably-produced building materials, eco-friendly appliances, smart windows, home IoT for energy efficiency, recycled or sustainably-produced home goods including beauty & fashion, sustainably-produced food and the food systems/ag tech behind it, and better packaging.


The focus here is more on “health care vs sick care” and includes most health-related solutions where a consumer is involved in the purchasing or use decision, with the explicit exception of any solutions requiring heavy FDA approval (e.g. no pharma, no implantable medical devices). This includes, but is not limited to, food-as-medicine, health tech, health IoT / wearables / digestibles, quantified self, and wellness products and solutions.


We invest in women–led companies. We look for companies with at least one woman of significant decision-making authority, and with significant ownership, on the founding/executive team. We invest in Texas–based (unless referred to us by one of our trusted partners) companies. We like to invest as the first institutional investors, at an early stage (usually series Seed), with first checks between $250-500K and often take a board seat.

We’re also proud to be a Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) Certified Fund.