Janice Bryant Howroyd, or “JBH” as her inner circle often refers to her, is committed to working to ensure educational opportunities for all and to supporting women in business. Growing up in the segregated South in a family of eleven children and nurtured by a loving mother and father, JBH faced racism and sexism in addition to the challenges faced by every new business owner. None of that stopped her from becoming the first black woman to own a billion-dollar business. JBH says, “Success comes in all forms and crosses all lines. So, what’s the common denominator? Learning how to Think Success.” JBH goes there with successes from all sectors of life and brings their thought protocols and life stories to you in ASK JBH. Sara T Brand talked to Janice about her career path culminating with True Wealth Ventures, the dynamics of venture capital financing and the importance of investing in women entrepreneurs in her 32nd podcast.

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