True Wealth Ventures

          For women with big ideas to change the world

We think it’s just plain common sense to invest in women: They understand consumers because they ARE consumers. Women are decision makers. When they see something in their life they can make simpler, smarter, better, they use ingenuity to transform our daily lives. In Texas, we’ve built a community of thought leaders and innovators who are ready to take the sustainability and consumer health and wellness world by storm.

Welcome to a world of opportunities: For women and by women.

Our recent blogs

Intro to True Wealth Ventures

True Wealth Ventures is a venture capital fund designed to invest in women-led companies with products and technologies in the consumer health and sustainable consumer sectors that more efficiently address the next generation of challenges.

It’s Time to Implement Performance Metrics for Investing in the 21st Century.

True Wealth Ventures partnered with Dr. Ruta Aidis, Dr. Sandra Schillo and the Kauffman foundation on a break-through research project to debunk gender biases in venture capital by establishing a clear gender metrics system to evaluate VC firms and VC firms’ portfolio companies.

The Root of the STEM Problem

True Wealth Ventures investigates the root of the STEM problem. That is, where does the disconnect happen for girls pursuing STEM education that ultimately leads to a "pre-pipeline" problem for women in STEM careers. Tricia Berry, of UT Austin's Women in Engineering Program (WEP), provides insight into the issue! Check it out!