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Founding General Partner of True Wealth Ventures, Dr. Sara Brand is passionate about investing in women-led businesses in consumer health and sustainable products and technologies to deliver true wealth.

June 12, 2019: Panelist – Venture Forward

Sara T. Brand is excited to join The Riveter and Christina Vuleta at their upcoming Venturing Salon on June 12th. This panel will feature seasoned female founders from the startup ecosystem who’ll answer questions from up-and-coming female entrepreneurs. More details here.

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June 5, 2019: Diana International Impact Day

The Diana International Research Institute Impact Day is the first global convening of investors, accelerators, policy-makers, researchers, women entrepreneurs, and other disrupters who are dedicated to changing the landscape of financing women entrepreneurs. This culmination of the annual Diana International Research Conference will collectively explore practical solutions, develop best practices in acceleration and funding, and [...]

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NEWS: Contributor —  Women Who Venture By Renata George

Sara T. Brand is featured in Renata George's new profile collection on women in VC. "'Women Who Venture' features more than 100 women making investment decisions in venture capital around the world. Forget everything that you have read before and hear the real stories, not manicured by the media, about women who achieved success in [...]

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NEWS: Kimberly Weisul & Inc. Magazine Launch The Fundery

Kimberly Weisul and Inc. Magazine have launched The Fundery, the first-ever searchable database of VC firms that have a mandate to invest in women. It is available to anyone, and you can filter by the stage of your company, industry, and region! Check it out here.

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May 23, 2019: Judge – Austin 2019 A-List Awards

The A-List awards showcase Austin’s most innovative homegrown companies in order to attract talent, increase capital, and diversify the innovation ecosystem in Austin. Kerry Rupp will be in attendance, while Sara T. Brand is judging. Learn more:

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May 16-17th, 2019: Healthcare Transformation Summit

Healthcare is transforming at a rapidly-accelerating rate. Shifting healthcare policy, an intensified focus on population health, health information technology, an increased incentive to increase scale and market share, and a growing call to engage patients in their care are creating challenges, that require collaboration and innovation by all. In this unique two-day event, Modern Healthcare [...]

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NEWS: Investment Number Six, Fund I Halfway Complete

We've made investment number six - which means we’ve made half of our planned investments for Fund I. Check out our current portfolio, which features six female-founded companies: UnaliWear, BrainCheck, Dermala, Solstice, Atlantic Sea Farms and Oralucent. Learn more.

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NEWS: The Real Capitalist Podcast – With Courteney Real

Sara T. Brand had a great conversation with Courteney Real on her podcast The Real Capitalist! We discussed raising a VC fund, why investing in women matters, and so much more. Listen here: http://ow.ly/Qpg250ufmzf iTunes: http://ow.ly/IVcO50ufmIg Spotify: http://ow.ly/mg6d50ufmJB

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May 9-10, 2019: Mentor – 2019 Circular Summit

Hello Alice's 4th annual Circular Summit is designed to give you the tools and network to take your business to the next level. Get down to business with other high-growth female founders, investors, media, policymakers and enterprise partners at Alice’s Circular Summit. Over two days in gorgeous Sonoma County, you’ll have access to experts during [...]

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May 2, 2019: Keynote – FUND Conference Austin

FUND conference is the preeminent international connector of entrepreneurs, venture capital, private equity, angel investors, and industry experts with a focus on high-quality curated deal flow, captivating content, and same-day connections. Sara T. Brand was pleased to attend both events at the Austin location. Learn more.

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