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Founding General Partner of True Wealth Ventures, Dr. Sara Brand is passionate about investing in women-led businesses in consumer health and sustainable products and technologies to deliver true wealth.

September 18, 2019: Panelist– Health Innovation Roundtable

"Join us for our third installment of our event series, Health Innovation Roundtable, an event designed to bring the healthcare innovation community together to meet, learn and network across the existing groups in the region. We will have a short panel discussion from local experts in navigating from ideas to startup, rapidfire pitches and networking [...]

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September 10-11, 2019: Investor – Venture Dallas

"Through in-depth keynote and panel presentations, including from national VC’s who have invested in Dallas, attendees will learn more about early and growth stage investment climate in the region, how to capitalize on it, and what’s coming next." At Venture Dallas, innovators, business leaders, and investors from around the nation come together in Dallas-Fort Worth [...]

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NEWS September 4, 2019: Dermala – Forbes “The Future Of Retail In The Beauty Industry Will Be Very Different”

True Wealth portfolio company Dermala is on the forefront of a revolution in the beauty industry, according to Richard Kestenbaum on Forbes. "Some of these startups develop a niche by becoming experts for the most extreme problems. Two companies in the group say they’re the place to go after you’ve tried everything else for acne. [...]

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August 29, 2019: Panelist – 36|86: Getting tech to market with max partnerships, with or without grants

"Early on the second day of the 36|86 Entrepreneurship Festival, four lab-to-market veterans from Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee will presumably have nothing in their cups but coffee when they take the stage at the Ole Red Nashville swanky-tonk to share ways they think you can keep your technology venture on on-track for commercialization -- with [...]

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July 31, 2019: Forbes – Diversity In Venture Capital: In the U.S., It May Be Getting Worse

"After all the terrible headlines about harassment in Silicon Valley, after all the #MeToo stories, after all the well-meaning efforts, like Reid Hoffman’s Decency Pledge… the percentage of funding to women-led companies by venture capitalists in 2018 actually … fell." In this forthright article on Forbes, several high-profile female founders and VCs weigh in on why, [...]

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NEWS: Kerry Rupp Leader Spotlight – HealthTech Austin

Think you know everything there is to know about the True Wealth GPs? Think again! True Wealth Ventures partner Kerry Rupp's Q&A with Health Tech Austin shines a light on her experience, skills, and extensive leadership capabilities. Read the full spotlight.

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