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Founding General Partner of True Wealth Ventures, Dr. Sara Brand is passionate about investing in women-led businesses in consumer health and sustainable products and technologies to deliver true wealth.

May 2, 2019: Keynote – FUND Conference Austin

FUND conference is the preeminent international connector of entrepreneurs, venture capital, private equity, angel investors, and industry experts with a focus on high-quality curated deal flow, captivating content, and same-day connections. Sara T. Brand was pleased to attend both events at the Austin location. Learn more.

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May 1, 2019: Panelist – Women2Women Tour

The Women2Women National Conversation Tour and FUND Inclusion Conference showcased an open and candid conversation about, and for, women. The event featured panelists Dr. Oksana Malysheva, Sarah T. Brand, and Mary Flanagan, and Founder of Women2Women - Sarah Chamberlain. Learn more:

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April 24-26, 2019: Panelist – Angel Capital Association Summit

The 2019 ACA Summit Chicago is the “don’t-miss” event for angel investors. It is the largest professional development event in the world for angels, with gold standard content and top networking opportunities for the 700+ people who are there. True Wealth Ventures spoke on the panel "The Future is Female". Learn more.

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April 4-6, 2019: Judge – Rice Business Plan Competition

The Rice Business Plan Competition showcases the best university startups from around the U.S. and the world. It provides student entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their startups to investors and learn what it takes to build a successful business. Past RBPC alumni have successfully launched more than 200 companies and raised more than $1.9 billion [...]

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April 3, 2019: Panelist – Dallas Startup Week & Health Wildcatters: Health by Women for Women

This session was all about women helping women. This panel consisted of female founders and startup execs whose services benefit other women. They shared about the etiology of their startup, the path to success and the lessons they've learned along the way. Kerry Rupp moderated a panel comprised of: Lyndsey Harper, MD, Meet Rosy Gail Page, [...]

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March 9-10, 2019: Coach – SXSW Pitch

Now in its eleventh year, SXSW Pitch (formerly SXSW Accelerator) showcases the future of emerging and innovative technology. Startups have the opportunity to connect and compete in front of a live audience, panel of expert judges, venture capitalists, and high-profile media at SXSW 2019 from March 9-10. Sara T. Brand will be an onsite coach for the 2019 SXSW Pitch.

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March 10, 2019: Speaker – Digital Media Women Day SXSW 2019

On March 10th, digital media and tech professionals from around the world will gather in Austin at South by Southwest Festival (SXSW), the most important conference for the digital and creative industry. Digital Media Women (#DMW) – founded in Hamburg, Germany – is a network of professional women. The network works for greater visibility for [...]

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March 9, 2019: Panelist – Why Diversity Matters In The Boardroom And The Bottom Line

Many corporates and startups struggle to transform diversity and inclusion from merely initiatives to revenue opportunities. While companies tout the D&I narrative, few have actually granted diverse leaders a seat at the table. Despite gains for women and minorities, Deloitte & Alliance for Board Diversity estimate it will take another decade before 40% representation is [...]

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March 8, 2019: Hometown Fund – The Billion Dollar Breakfast

The Billion Dollar Fund for Women is a global consortium of venture funds tackling the gender funding gap that has surpassed the US$680mn mark, reaching another key milestone since announcing its launch October 2018 at the annual World Bank Meetings. This achievement highlights the commitment and great work of a range of venture funds from around [...]

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March 7, 2019: Speaker —  International Women’s Day at JLABs

Recently, Texas was named the number one state in the nation for Female Entrepreneurs. The rankings were based off general business climate/opportunity, the number of female-owned business, economic and financial health, and safety and well-belling for women. In honor of International Women's Day, and in partnership with the Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce, JLABS @ [...]

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