The Oralucent toothbrush contains patent-pending blue light technology that is scientifically proven to kill harmful oral bacteria. Oralucent utilizes the same type of light that is used by dentists for teeth whitening procedures and curing of dental fillings. While blue light is often employed in dental offices to whiten teeth, it takes many visits as well as hours of application to achieve the desired effect. The Oralucent toothbrush, however, provides immediate benefits when used for daily brushing’s:

  • Kills bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath
  • Whitens teeth and keeps them white
  • Destroys plaque
  • Helps prevent and even reverse gum disease including gingivitis, bleeding gums, gum pockets and gum sores
  • Decreases tooth sensitivity and inflammation of the gums
  • Promotes overall healthier gums and teeth

The Science of Blue Light…

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