• October 18th, 2016

” Since 2013, High Water Women’s Investing for Impact Symposium has evolved into an important gathering for impact investors who want to connect with other investors, advisors, and investment professionals. Past attendees have been impressed with the unique opportunities to network, our expertly curated program, and the breadth of experience brought by our speakers and discussion leaders, allowing for a closer examination and in-depth discussion of key impact topics and issues.”

True Wealth Ventures Founding General Partner Sara Brand speaks on a panel “C. Diversity and Impact Investing: The Aspirational Gap.” In light of the international focus on gender equality and diversity as well as a number of new solutions in the market, what is needed to create greater impact?

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True Wealth Ventures General Partner Kerry Rupp speaks on a panel “Entrepreneurs: Challenges & Importance to Accessing Aligned Capital for Growth.” Where do you go after you received initial funding? The struggle of getting funding that supports your impact mission. Women face an even higher hurdle in follow-on funding. The fragmentation of the funding market offers benefits for investors.

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