Pam Ryan, Ph.D.
Pam Ryan, Ph.D.Founder and Managing Partner, Tingari Group

Dr. Ryan received her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin with award-winning research on the psychology of decision-making in the US venture capital industry. A dual USA-Australian citizen, Pam has held leadership positions in several international organizations. Her unique skill set and diverse experiences as a psychologist, entrepreneur, investor, business manager, researcher and author have been applied in business, political and psychosocial arenas around the world.

Pam has served as a Limited Partner in US and Australian venture capital firms for over 30 years; she has acted as informal advisor and consulting psychologist to VC firms in the US and Australia, as well as VC funded portfolio companies – ranging from semiconductor manufacturing to retail and hospitality. She has advised the South Australian government on building an innovation ecosystem in South Australia, drawing on cutting edge research from around the world on the characteristics of VC firms/funds for optimal success. Pam has taught entrepreneurship at the McCombs Business School at the University of Texas, and the psychology of decision-making at the Australian Graduate School of Management.

As Founder and Managing Partner of the Tingari Group, Pam manages a portfolio of business partnerships, organizations and investments. She chaired the boards of Psychology Beyond Borders (an international NGO) and Issues Deliberation Australia (an international think tank and research institute) for ten years each. Dr. Ryan has authored and co-authored many public policy reports, conference papers and academic articles relating to diverse projects, including “Why Some Venture Capitalists Escalate and Others Don’t,” “The Psychology of Microfinance,” and “The Future of Social Entrepreneurship and Impact.”