• Austin, Texas

  • March 10, 2017

True Wealth Ventures Partners attend the annual Women@Austin SXSW Celebration. This event is invite only.

From their website:

“Women@Austin was hatched in the Fall of 2013 when several of Austin’s most experienced female entrepreneurs and executives came together and  decided they wanted to do something proactive to bolster women’s ratios in Austin business – to make Austin the most accessible, nurturing place for women-led businesses in the country.  This unique Steering Committee of proven female leaders is at the core of Women@Austin, setting direction and exploring ideas and innovations that help drive growth for women in this region.

We’ve created a mission-driven community dedicated to accelerating high-growth female entrepreneurship through 1) mentoring, 2) access to role models, and 3) the process and networks crucial for funding.  Once a quarter we bring together an exclusive forum for women entrepreneurs and executives at Capital Factory’s venue downtown.  We’re adding curated peer groups and mentoring events as we grow. So whether you’re looking to broaden your network, seeking funding or a co-founder, or just want to connect — get involved and be inspired by stories and lessons learned from Austin’s female entrepreneurs at all stages.”