Sara T. Brand is featured in Renata George’s new profile collection on women in VC.

“‘Women Who Venture’ features more than 100 women making investment decisions in venture capital around the world. Forget everything that you have read before and hear the real stories, not manicured by the media, about women who achieved success in this male-dominated industry. They tell us how they worked with men hand in hand to get where they are; how male friends and mentors helped them to achieve their dreams and become better selves; they tell us what it takes to be a venture capitalist. There has never been a stronger collection of wisdom from women who are at the top of the venture capital world. Imagine watching several episodes of David Letterman’s “My Next Guest” show with your favorite characters. Funny, controversial, always sharp and intelligent, they tell about their adventures, challenges, and lessons learned. This is what this book is. Whether you agree or disagree with their personal beliefs and opinions, you won’t stay indifferent to what they have to say. The author, Renata George, surveyed hundreds of people on social media to find out who their favorite women VCs are, whom she then interviewed to discuss their experience in venture capital industry in a raw and honest way. The book profiles women VCs of all generations: from first women investors to the brand new names in the venture capital arena, women who manage famous venture capital franchises and who have just raised their first fund.”

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