Diversity is a good investment, and this group know it. These are the people helping more women to reach their funding goals.

The lack of women in investment is both a symptom and a cause of the gender gap in STEM. Sci-tech businesses led by women can struggle when met with panel after panel of male investors who don’t understand their product or their model.

We featured most of these ‘firestarters’ previously when we centred our Sci-Tech 100 investors list on those driving change in the investment monopoly. We’ve remixed this list and added some new faces – and we can’t wait to see who else joins this investment revolution.

Sara Brand:

Founding general partner at True Wealth Ventures, Sara Brand is focused on supporting women entrepreneurs in consumer health and sustainable products. True Wealth holds the belief that women-led companies perform better financially and are an untapped market for investors. In a letter on her company website, Brand wrote: “Women-led businesses are underinvested in today, and I see a big opportunity to hand women the reins to drive companies to successfully bring these products to life.”

‘I see a big opportunity to hand women the reins to drive companies to success’

Brand also works with other organizations to foster greater ethnic and gender diversity in the entrepreneurial sphere, including the Rising Tide Fund, DivInc and Women@Austin.

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