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WOMEN TO WATCH: Sara Brand and Kerry Rupp, Co-founders of True Wealth Ventures

When I spoke to Sara Brand and Kerry Rupp on the phone about this topic, they were running errands, picking up kids and dishing out stats like it was nothing. They’re the two impressive businesswomen who started True Wealth Ventures earlier this year.

True Wealth Ventures is a venture-capital firm that focuses on female-led projects. That means that at least one woman must play an integral role in the company, typically in leadership. If Sara and Kerry don’t see a pencil skirt or a rockin’ pantsuit and at least one woman harnessing her business prowess, they aren’t going to fund a given company. For Sara and Kerry, this business model is simple. They’ve found that women who are part of startups consistently help make those startups successful. So it’s just common sense for these knowledgeable investors to put their money where it’s most likely to flourish.

And when it comes to knowing a thing or two about business, these women are definitely experts. Sara has a degree in mechanical engineering and a Ph.D. in green design and manufacturing, has worked with major companies like Intel and also co-founded a super cool craft brewery. Kerry has a master’s degree and 20 years of experience in launching startups.

Sara and Kerry have a couple tips for those running a women-led startup who might be nervous about acquiring funding. First, they say, try to get a warm introduction from a mutual friend or acquaintance who can introduce you to some venture capitalists. And make sure that before that first meeting, you know all the elements of your business plan like the back of your hand because you might just be making your pitch in a more relaxed locale, like a coffee shop, and sans PowerPoint.

There are certainly countless challenges facing women-led startups. But by focusing on what makes the world go ’round—money—Sara and Kerry are giving women business owners a fighting chance.