`This podcast originally appeared on InsideATX.

Today we talk with the fabulously positive and interesting Kerry Rupp. Kerry is a successful venture capitalist who started out as a biology major, was a coder at a consulting firm, and then was an entrepreneur herself, before she decided to invest in women-led tech companies. Kerry has traveled to 55 countries and 49 states, and has moved 24 times, but she fell in love with Austin, and made it her home.


[1:24] Kerry has moved 24 times, and now she tells us why she settled in Austin.

[3:19] How does a biology major transition to being a big player in the venture capital world?

[5:00] Is Kerry’s biology degree helpful to her now?

[6:18] Jay and Kerry talk women in technology.

[8:51] Kerry fell in love with Austin on a business trip.

[12:26] Kerry learned important lessons through a failed business venture.

[16:24] What is Kerry up to these days?

[17:03] Kerry explains why gender diversity is important to company management.

[20:40] There is a gender issue in the tech world.

[22:39] What does Kerry look for in a venture-backable business?

[26:19] Kerry has worked with minority and female entrepreneurs.

[27:50] Kerry is excited about the advantages of investing from Austin.

[30:00] Kerry is excited about Austin’s future.

[32:27] Kerry does work with an Austin-based non-profit organization.

[33:37] Kerry spends time as a mentor and teacher.

[36:10] Kerry lives in the heart of downtown Austin.

[36:53] Kerry loves live music and food in Austin.

[37:58] How does Kerry feel about growth in Austin?

[39:58] Kerry tells us her favorite taco.